Ruby NZFW 2015

We were excited to see much-loved label Ruby return to the New Zealand Fashion Week runway this year, and even more so when we learned that their new ‘Tonight, Tonight’ collection would be available to shop straight after the show. Designer Deanna Didovich has a knack for creating stellar collections that feel fresh and youthful but still appeal to a wide range of women. So it was with serious anticipation that the fashion set arrived at the Cross Street carpark for Ruby’s off-site show.

Pretty pink temporary walls wrapped around the centre of the car park’s structure creating a square-shaped runway around which a huge crowd gathered, with onlookers taking advantage of every space to get a good view. As the opening strains of Smashing Pumpkin’s iconic ‘Tonight, Tonight’ reverberated around the space a model in a beautiful wide-legged navy pantsuit and striped knit top was the first to hit the runway.

The gorgeous looks that followed had winsome prints including a sheer black star print that seemed to be a crowd favourite and a swirling paisley print. The collection was inspired by dance, especially ballet, which was particularly referenced in the sweet wrap tops reminiscent of the kind ballerinas tie over their leotards. The soft pink that dancers are also so fond of featured on tops, dresses and shorts too. Classic Ruby pieces had been updated with bell sleeves as well as a sweet tan peacoat that will no doubt be quick to sell out.

Just when we thought the finale walk was about to take place, four actors all dressed in Ruby, including the two guys, took to the runway to enthusiastically dance, strut and generally run riot around the place to Beyonce’s cult hit ‘Run the World (Girls)’. Their hilarious model walks, silly dance moods and high-energy made for a light-hearted and amusing finale which was enthusiastically cheered on by the crowd. As the show finished the backstage area transformed into a pop-up shop, with Ruby fans able to shop the new collection immediately which was a savvy move by Ruby who excel at smart business strategy as well as covetable collections.

By Evelyn Ebrey
Images: Yvonne Shearer Photography


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