Workwear for Curves

When it comes to workwear, the possibilities are endless – do you prefer a blouse and tailored trousers, a skirt with a top, a blazer, a matching suit, a dress, with stockings or without? A good workwear wardrobe has pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks so when you’re trying things on (or filling your cart online), make sure you consider how they will fit with what you already have.

Workwear for curves feb 2018

Sara Ruffle Blouse, $69.99 from EziBuy (left), Sara Spot On Tunic, $49.99 from EziBuy (centre), Fold Front Drape Top, $69.90 from K&K (right).

There are many different styles of tops that are great for work – I look for comfort, a good range of movement (it’s very important to be able to move around without feeling restricted), and fabric that feels nice on – you’re going to be wearing them for a whole day after all! You’ll also want to consider if you’re going to be wearing anything on top of it like a cardigan or blazer.

Workwear for curves feb 2018

Sara Dry Knit Culottes, $79.99 from EziBuy (left), The Essential Pencil Skirt, AUD $89.95 from Harlow (centre), Sara Bengaline Trousers, $69.99 from EziBuy (right).

I know that black and navy are easy go to colours when it comes to workwear (after all, they’re a classic!), but don’t be afraid to go for a bold print – especially if you’ve chosen a classic style like a pencil skirt or well tailored trousers. Culottes have been making a resurgence lately as well, and I for one am definitely a fan.

Workwear for curves feb 2018

Wrap Shirt Dress, AUD $129.95 from 17 Sundays (left), Sara Wrap Knit Ruffle Dress, $99.99 from EziBuy (centre), Closet London Plus Wrap Front Dress, AUD $109.00 from ASOS (right).

Shift and wrap dresses are a workwear wardrobe staple for many, but think about taking a step away from dark neutrals and embrace colour, prints and interesting details.

Workwear for curves feb 2018

Sara Boxy Statement Jacket, $139.99 from EziBuy (left), Atmos&Here Curvy Mali Tailored Blazer, AUD $79.95 from The Iconic (centre), Suit Up Jacket, $149.99 from City Chic (right).

The finishing touch to your outfit, jackets can be anything from sleek and classic to a statement piece. If you favour a classic look for the rest of your outfit, try pairing it with something bold (either in print, colour or both!) to step it up a notch.

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