Wonder Product Makeover

Forty five years ago Clinique introduced its iconic, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, to the world. But, even though it has been a top-seller for the brand, it was decided to go ahead and give this little wonder product a makeover.

The Clinique Team have spent six and a half years getting the new formula just right, and their ‘mission’? To provide barrier strength and boost the moisturising power of the original formula. New key ingredients include hyaluronic acid (helps your skin hold onto moisture), glycerine (attracts moisture to the skin) and urea, a naturally occurring moisturiser – so mission accomplished!

And, before you think this new formula will affect everything you loved about the original brand, think again. The texture, colour and how quickly it absorbs into your skin hasn’t changed. It’s still the product you fell in love with and rely on, only better!

Available at Clinique counters nationwide from $69.

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