Woman of Beauty – Casey Van Liefde

Casey Van Liefde is a talented photographer who specialises in Contemporary Glamour Portraits.


Casey’s portraits are more than just a photo, they capture moments and milestones which will always be treasured.


FashioNZ caught up with Casey to find out a few of her beauty secrets and tips.

What do you do for a job? What is your passion?

Primarily I’m a glamour photographer, but within my photography I incorporate hair, makeup, styling and editing.


My passion is my work; I absolutely adore what I do. 


I don't just take photos, I make women look and feel beautiful by treating them with a gorgeous photo that they will treasure forever.
What is your daily beauty routine?

Morning and night I cleanse, tone and moisturise. My daily makeup routine is usually very simple, a light dusting of mineral powder, some bronzer and mascara.

What is the secret to ageing gracefully?

I think the biggest secret is to love who you are. Once you find that love and acceptance it shines through at no matter what age you are. Happiness and laughter far outweigh worrying about the inevitable! Enjoy your life, you only live it once!

What is your top beauty tip?

Always take your makeup off before you go to bed!  When you sleep it’s your skin’s chance to repair itself and it can't do that with a day’s worth of makeup, grease and dirt soaked through! Look after your skin, it’s the only one we have!
What is a typical day for you?

Breakfast always kicks it off  –  I don't function without it. Occasionally I will hit the gym for a workout, otherwise it’s straight into my studio where I check emails and organise my day. If I have a photo-shoot I prepare the studio and do my hair and makeup. Sometimes if I’m not shooting and just editing for the day, I go for the makeup free look to give my skin a break.

What is your never-fail, quick 3 minute make-over routine?

A good foundation, I love mineral powder personally as it’s so quick. Bronzer on my cheek bones and some depth around the eyes usually does the trick.  A simple, smudged line of black eyeliner or soft dusting of shadow around the edges just makes your eyes pop! I never do any sort of makeover without any depth in the eyes.  Mascara is an absolute must in any time frame and a quick brush of lip gloss to finish it all off.
What are your favourite beauty products?
Mascara would be a top one for me; I love Dior show and Clinique High Definition Mascara. Thin Lizzy is another staple item in my kit, or just a good bronzer, I love bronzer! I've also just started using an incredible product called Revitalash – it increases the length of your lashes naturally. My lashes have grown so much and I’m loving it. Combine that with good mascara and you’re away!

What are your top 5 indulgences?
A sleep in and a hot bath! I am such a busy person and my work is constantly inspiring me and keeping me busy. I always try and get at least 7 hours sleep but when I do get a day off there is no bigger indulgence for me than sleeping in and spending the day snuggled on the couch with a good book or movie! And when I don't have much time to do that, a hot bath with a glass of red wine can fix almost anything!

What is your favourite spa treatment?

A massage!!!! Nothing beats it for me. I buy beautiful skin products that I love to use when I’m at home, so when I go to a spa I really enjoy a massage as it’s the one treatment I can't give myself!


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