Witchery Balance Collaborates With Margaret Zhang

Witchery Balance has just announced the appointment of power blogger Margaret Zhang as their second Woman in Motion. Zhang, who has a social media following of 600K has achieved a lot already at just 22, her drive and creative talent are among the reasons she was chosen to represent Witchery Balance.

The new collection celebrates power, confidence and beauty which is represented in the new campaign images that were shot, styled and art directed by Zhang in Sydney. It’s clear she has a good eye for fashion and with a very busy life juggling fashion commitments with law school, Zhang has learned a lot about balance.

“I think it’s an important message,” says Zhang of the Witchery Balance philosophy. “People should be able to incorporate wellbeing into their everyday routine, without it being a chore or an extra thing to tick off.” It’s clear in the design of Witchery Balance that they are creating activewear that is as comfortable for working out as it is handling other everyday tasks. The looks are all modern, sleek and easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe making for a balanced life indeed.

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