Winter style essentials for curves

When it comes to winter, sometimes expressing ourselves through style can be a bit harder because we’re bundled up in coats and feeling hidden under a lot of layers. This is when your finishing touches make all the difference – your accessories, boots and coat are the perfect pieces to share your style with the world.

Winter Style Essentials

My Accessories London Exclusive Baker Boy, $26.74 from ASOS (left), Pagan Marie The Label Claudia Beanie, $24.99 from Pagan Marie Boutique (centre), ASOS DESIGN Turn up Beanie in Recycled Polyester, $13.37 from ASOS (right).

You lose a lot of warmth through your head, so hat is an obvious choice to keep you warm, right? One thing I hear all the time is “but hats don’t suit me” however, personal experience has taught me that finding the right style of hat for you can be a game changer!

Winter Style Essentials

Grace Knitted Scarf, $39.99 from EziBuy (left), Saffron Check Scarf, AUD $49.95 from Taking Shape (centre), Pagan Marie The Label Wanaka Scarf, $39.99 from Pagan Marie Boutique (right).

Nothing beats a cosy scarf when it’s chilly – the bigger and chunkier the better. This is also an easy way to add a touch of colour into your outfit if you’re over the black on black of NZ winter style.

Winter Style Essentials

Virtuelle The Versatile Puffer Vest, AUD $149.95 from Taking Shape (left), Sassy Military Coat, $199.99 from City Chic (centre), Sara Sherpa Jacket, $89.99 from EziBuy (right).

A nice warm jacket is essential when it’s cold. These three styles are very popular at the moment – puffer jackets (either the vest version or one with sleeves, depending on where you are), longline military style coats and teddy bear jackets.

Winter Style Essentials

Shepherd’s Delight 80 Denier Tights, £6.99 from Snag Tights (left), Navy 50 Denier Tights, £6.99 from Snag Tights (centre), Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights, AUD $34.95 from Sonsee Woman (right).

If you wear skirts or dresses in winter, you’ll know the importance of a good pair of tights. Whether you go for something bright and colourful or keep it classic, tights are a great way of adding a bit of extra style while keeping you toasty.

Winter Style Essentials

London Rebel Levi Ankle Boot, $69.99 from Number One Shoes (left), Isabella Anselmi Glo Chelsea Boot, $289.90 from Merchant 1948 (centre), Heidi Hi-Top, $369.00 from Kathryn Wilson (right).

When it comes to winter boots, there’s a pretty bit variety to choose from. A lace-up ankle boot and a chelsea boot are two styles that have a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to fit around the ankle, so if you often find it difficult to get boots that fit your ankle/calf these are good go to styles. If you’re not feeling the boots, go for a really stylish sneaker – these ones from Kathryn Wilson are super fun.

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