Winter Coats for Curves

The cold weather is officially here. We’ve already talked about layering up to keep warm this winter, but what do you wear on the outside? Never fear, we’ve got the low down on everything from raincoats to keep you dry to puffer jackets and woollen coats that will keep you warm.

Winter coats for curves

Sara Double Breasted Statement Coat, $149.99 from EziBuy (left), ASOS Curve Duffle Coat with Faux Fur Hood, $143.18 from ASOS (centre), Sara Check Coat, $149.99 from EziBuy (right).

You can’t go wrong with neutral tones or a classic pattern like a check. If you only have room in your budget for one coat, then go for something classic that you’ll be able to pair with lots of outfits. That way you’ll be able to maximise your wear throughout the season and you’ll be able to wear it year after year.

Winter coats for curves

Athleisure Puffer Jacket, $44.99 from Autograph (left), Sara Longline Quilted Jacket, $159.99 from EziBuy (centre), Longline Essential Puffer Jacket, $94.99 from Autograph (right).

Puffer jackets are next level warm and seem to be more popular this year than I’ve ever seen them before. There are lots of different styles out there, from full on jackets like these to sleeveless ones, so have a hunt around and find the right one for you.

Winter coats for curves

17 Sundays Cartel Hooded Jacket, $213 from Zebrano (left), ASOS Curve Borg Raincoat, $121.15 from ASOS (centre), Isle Jacobsen Soft Rain Jacket, $329.00 from Zebrano (right).

For some of us it’s not just about staying warm in winter – it’s also about staying dry. Finding great quality weatherproof coats in plus sizes can be difficult and these tend to sell out quickly, but don’t worry – we’ve found some great options for you.

Winter coats for curves

Sassy Military Coat, $199.99 from City Chic (left), Bromley Coat, $199.99 from City Chic (centre), Simple Wrap Coat, $199.99 from City Chic (right).

How will you be wearing your coat? Buttoned up, open to show off your outfit, or belted? The bonus of having a belted coat is that you can wear it open or closed, and the belt gives you the option of tying it in the back like a trench, or using it to help define your body shape.

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