Wilson Trollope Launches Cactaceae

Looks from Wilson Trollope’s Winter 2017 collection “Cactaceae”.

Wellington label Wilson Trollope have just released their latest collection for Winter 2017 called “Cactaceae” and it’s full of the brand’s signature elegant pieces. Designer Annabelle Wilson has a knack for creating beautiful garments that are timeless yet still feel contemporary and polished. For this range her inspiration came in the unusual form of a 1960’s book of cacti illustrations that belonged to Annabelle’s great grandfather. “The detail and penmanship of the drawings is so lifelike and intimate – it is such a traditional way of drawing and requires a specific skill set which I
am in awe of,” says Annabelle.

As with her previous collections, dresses are the backbone of this range and are complemented by gorgeous coats, tops and skirts among other pieces. Annabelle has chosen lovely fabrics in a mix of soft and rich hues and charming prints that offer the wearer a range of options and styling choices. The silhouettes are classically feminine but still modern and practical enough for every day wear. “The contemporary woman’s lifestyle is so varied, it requires a wardrobe that is diverse to cater to these needs but it also needs to be luxurious and beautiful to empower the wearer,” adds Wilson. “I have created garments that transfer across various occasions, and complement these needs. They are luxurious yet understated to make the wearer feel special everyday.”

Images supplied.

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