Why you should #saveyourroots for your hairstylist

Save your roots

Our tans are fading, eyelash extensions are growing out, nails are chipping and regrowth is starting to show…It’s like we are doing glam in reverse! Many of us will be feeling far from our fabulous usual selves at the moment without access to our favourite beauty services and products, but it’s not all bad. Now is the time to embrace the split ends and the regrowth and give your hair, skin, nails and lashes a break from products, chemicals and styling tools and replace them with some nourishing at-home treatments instead.

The #saveyourroots hashtag has been trending lately, so we had a virtual chat with our friend and small business owner Sarah-Lee of WABi SABi Salon, to find out what this means and asked her advice on how to care for our hair at home in between salon appointments.

Why should you #saveyourroots for your hairdresser?
This is a very unique opportunity to be able to give our hair a break and allow it some healthy healing time. Embrace all those, so-called imperfections and accept you for your amazing authentic self! This is what we live by at WaBi SABi Salon, following in the concept.

All things aside, if covering your roots helps you get through this uncertain time then we recommend consulting with your hairstylist for advice before doing anything drastic. Saving your roots for your stylist is also showing amazing support for small businesses once we reopen so we can pamper you. We will need you just as much as you will need us at the end of this.

What are some tips and tricks on how to cover them up between visits?
We suggest a temporary root cover-up spray for brunette and blonde hair and for blondes, we also recommend a dry shampoo which will help to soften regrowth lines. Our go-to haircare products are Kevin Murphy, however, with current limited availability, there are plenty of similar cruelty-free, chemical-free options available at your local supermarkets and pharmacies.

Save your roots

Sarah-Lee, owner of WABi SABi Salon.

What are some easy to achieve hairstyles you can recommend to cover that regrowth?
A zigzag parting will help disguise regrowth and also undone braids styles. We have some tutorials on the way on our social media pages.

How can we take advantage of being at home and give our hair some extra TLC?
It’s a great opportunity to take a break from the hot tools for your hair and give your hair a treatment instead. If you don’t have a hair treatment you can use your regular conditioner, add in a treatment oil and wrap a heated towel around your hair and leave the treatment in for about 20 minutes. You could also use this time to practice some hair techniques and different hairstyles you have been meaning to try out. We have some great tutorials on our Instagram at the moment or you can find plenty of fun tutorials on YouTube.

What pharmacy/supermarket products would you recommend to help take care of your hair during lockdown?
There are a few professional hair products stockists still able to sell online currently, so it might be a matter of just doing a little research. However, if the supermarket is your only option, we would recommend Glowlab from the supermarket. It is NZ owned and free from nasties like sulphates, parabens, SLS and silicones. They have options for coloured, moisture and blonde hair. Your stylist will also be more then willing to help guide you in the right direction if you reach out to them.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
The best thing you can do is to support your local small businesses once we are open again. We appreciate the support more then you will ever know. If you liked our advice give us a follow for more tips, tricks and inspo for a more low maintenance approach.

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