Why you should protect your skin from sun damage from the inside out

heliocare capsules

Heliocare capsules protect your skin from within. Image supplied.

We’re all aware of why you should apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the effects of harmful UV rays but did you know you can also protect your skin from within? These days you can actually take a supplement that helps boost your skin’s natural sun protection and can repair damage from sun exposure.

Heliocare is a market leader in sun protection and their full range of suncare products includes Heliocare capsules which is a daily antioxidant supplement. The capsules help to protect and repair the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals that can result in an alteration of the DNA structure in the long term and can even cause skin cancer.

The capsules are formulated with Heliocare’s innovative and clinically developed Fernblock® which helps support the body’s natural resistance to photoaging from the first capsule. Fernblock not only helps to prevent immediate damage to your skin such as sunburn, but it also helps prevent long-term negative effects on your body such as DNA damage, premature skin aging or sun allergies.

Fernblock is the main active ingredient in all of Heliocare’s products which includes topical sunscreens suitable for the whole family. Their suncare range includes specifically formulated products for a range of skin types and for children too.

By protecting your skin from the inside with the capsules and using topical sunscreen on your skin on the outside you’re giving your body the best possible protection from sun damage in our harsh New Zealand sun. As we head into summer it’s important to have your sun protection sorted and Heliocare has everything you need to be sun safe every day.

Use the code INSIDEOUT on Heliocare’s online store for $10 off Heliocare Capsules.

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