White is the new Black

And although winter in New Zealand generally means shades of grey, dark blue and black, the white trend from this side of the globe can easily transcend borders and seasons to be incorporated into a winter-friendly wardrobe.


Several New Zealand designers have incorporated white pieces into their A/W collections for 2011.


This fur vest from the Zambesi A/W 2011 collection perfectly incorporates both trends of fur and white. It can be dressed up or down, depending on what you pair it with: a dress, or shorts and leggings as above. This piece is especially versatile – it can be worn as both a vest and a skirt! While it’s too warm for the summer, you can still wear it in the cooler spring months with a short sleeved shirt or similar.

Also from Zambesi, the all-white look below consists of numerous pieces that are all slightly different shades of white – making up a very exciting and unexpected ensemble. The Europeans often, and very daringly, don white on white in a similar fashion. But if this fails to inspire, try adding just one white piece to your look to capture the white trend.
The ‘Noose’ dress above is from the Huffer winter 2011 collection. The mesh inserts make the piece refreshing and interesting, while the long sleeves allow it to be worn in winter and still keep you warm. It’s 100% cotton, so it will be with you in the warmer months as well, when white will still be super popular.
This white ‘Eleanor’ blouse from Helen Cherry’s A/W 2011 collection is another piece that is immensely versatile. The white is very refreshing, and the ruffle design makes it stylish and unlike any other white blouse previously seen. It can be worn with a pencil skirt, like above, for an extremely sophisticated look, appropriate for any business environment, or with jeans – to go out for drinks after the working day is over! The blouse transcends seasons and will serve you just as well in spring, summer, and autumn.
As we have seen; if the piece allows, you can continue to wear it into the spring and summer months too.
So easy, and so versatile. White will always be stylish, but is especially so this year!
-Lena Aseeva

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