What's your Skincare Element?

The Beauty Cycle skin care redefines natural beauty through a range of products to suit all skin types.  It’s an approach that makes sense – there are five collections, each aligned with one of the elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Colour, and each catering to a different skin type and its needs.

So, what’s your skincare element?

Earth – for oily skin
Earth’s minerals help your skin find balance. Beauty Cycle’s Earth collection helps restore equilibrium to oily skin with specially treated magnesium, copper, and iron. Oil-free formulas help reduce the appearance of pores and assist with control oil, leaving skin looking and feeling clean and clear.
Fire – for tired skin
Fire is the most elemental form of energy, sparking skin to correct itself. Beauty Cycle’s Fire range gives skin energy with glucosamine to boost skin’s renewal process and help address a range of concerns. Dark under-eye circles are reduced, blemishes are gone, and a more radiant complexion is revealed. 
Water – for dry skin
Quench your skin’s thirst with the hydrating power of Beauty Cycle’s Water range of products. Wild pansy extract helps increase hydration from both the outside in, and the inside out, defeating dryness for fresh, luminous, dewy skin.
Air – for younger looking skin
Air rejuvenates ageing skin, bringing skin back to life with a burst of oxygen. Yoghurt Probiotics activate skin’s natural ability to take in oxygen for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Beauty Cycle also includes a versatile makeup range, Colour. Designed to enhance your natural beauty, the cosmetics in the Colour collection illuminate the beauty in all skin tones.
Colour for your face, eyes and lips.
Face: foundation, blush, concealer, pressed powder.
Eyes: eye shadow duo, long-wear eyeliner, dramatic lengths mascara
Lips: lip gloss, lasting lip colour.
For more information, go to www.beautycycle.co.nz.

Article by Natalie Cosgrove  

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