Wella Professionals introduces WELLAPLEX

Wella Wellaplex

New WELLAPLEX by Wella Professionals. Image supplied.

The new year brings exciting new beauty launches and the latest is WELLAPLEX by Wella Professionals which launches on 1st February. WELLAPLEX is a powerful new tool that is designed to ensure the health of your hair throughout all the stages of the colouring process, no matter how dramatic the change. The exciting new range of three products enables colourists to perform bold changes on hair while ensuring it stays healthy in the salon and at home.

WELLAPLEX consists of No1 Bond Maker (for use in-salon) that helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services. No2 Bond Stabilizer (for use in-salon) – further strengthens the bonds, re-balances PH and strengthens the hair structure after chemical treatments. And No3 Hair Stabilizer – for use at home and helps to keep hair strong, smooth and soft until your next in-salon WELLAPLEX treatment strengthens your hair from start to finish.

WELLAPLEX has a unique Opti pH formula that repairs hair by creating and repairing its bonds, and is proven to be more effective – and offers an increased colour lift – than other leading brands. These exciting new products mean you can now make bold or subtle hair colour changes with the assurance that your hair will be healthier, flexible and more manageable, while giving you the colour you want.

You can find WELLAPLEX at Wella Professionals salons.

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