Weleda's New Organic Perfume Range

Weleda's new Jardin de Vie organic light fragrance collection.


Weleda have just released a new collection of beautiful light fragrances called Jardin de Vie that are made from 100% certified natural and organic ingredients. The range comprises of three divine scents; Wild Rose, Pomegranate and Sea Buckthorn which are 'artfully crafted to evoke emotions, awaken memories and soothe the body, mind and spirit.' 
Jardin de Vie – Rose (Wild Rose) is the romantic one of the three scents and combines a floral base of rose and delicate rose geranium with ylang-ylang blossoms for a delightfully pretty fragrance.  Jardin de Vie – Grenade (Pomegranate) is a spicy scent which features a fruity orange top note and a mango-like exotic and inspiring scent of davana combined with vanilla. Jardin de Vie –Agrume (Sea Buckthorn) is an energising fragrance whose notes of grapefruit, sweet mandarin and sandalwood leave the wearer feeling joyful and refreshed.
Natural fragrances are a great option for those who don't react well to synthetic fragrances and these scents smell exactly as you would expect without any chemical overtones. The Jardin de Vie range is a first for Weleda but combines their decades of experience creating holistic products and fragrances.
Image from Weleda.
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