We tried this: MEO face masks

MEO face mask review

We tried out MEO Lite and MEO X Face Masks, Evelyn wears a MEO Lite face mask. Images by James Yang.

Face masks have become a normal part of our lives in the past few months and are likely to be something we’ll be using more often in the future. That’s why it’s important to have face masks on hand that you know are safe and effective for you and your family.

We were recently given the opportunity to try out MEO’s face masks while Auckland was in Alert Level 2 and were impressed with how comfortable they are. They’re very easy to breathe in too and have a unique wool filter which reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which definitely helps you feel more comfortable.

MEO Lite
These masks are reusable and ergonomically designed in three sizes (small, medium and large). When we say ergonomic we mean they’re shaped to fit your face well and have an adjustable nose clip so you can shape the mask around your nose and provide a good seal for your face.

We found them easy to put on and comfortable on the ears, which as you will have noticed is the first place masks seem to get uncomfortable if they’re not the right size or the straps are too tight. The fabric feels light enough to wear easily but is heavy enough that you feel protected. The wool filter definitely makes a big difference with breathability as we’ve found some fabric masks can make it feel a bit harder to breathe normally but that isn’t an issue at all with MEO Lite masks.

To test them out properly we wore them for a good few hours out and about, to the supermarket and the mall and on errands in crowded places with no issues at all. The masks stayed securely in place, felt comfortable and were safely and easily removed. Once they’d been worn we handwashed them in warm water with a gentle laundry soap and placed them on the line to dry in the sunshine.

MEO face mask review

Carolyn wears a MEO X face mask.

These masks are disposable and designed to be worn once and then carefully disposed of once used. We found the MEO X to be really lightweight and the masks have a similar shape and fit to the MEO X. They provide the same protection against air pollutants and bacteria as MEO’s reusable masks and would be a good option to have on hand as well. If you forgot to wash your reusable mask, needed an extra one for someone else or were in an environment where you would prefer to dispose of your mask after it’s worn than MEO X is a great choice.

MEO X face masks have elastic ear straps that are easy to put on and an adjustable noseband so you can shape the mask to your face too. They’re designed to fit under personal protective equipment including goggles and glasses if required which is perfect for anyone who needs to wear those for work etc.

As with the MEO Lite, we took the MEO X out for a few hours to see what it was like and found it as comfortable and easy to breathe in. The MEO X feels a little bit lighter on and the ear straps are just as secure so the mask stays in place when you’re out and about. We tried a pack which had several colours in it so it was good to have different coloured options (The MEO Lite also has different colour options too).

Both the MEO Lite and MEO X are excellent face masks, they’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear and more breathable than other fabric masks we have tried. MEO have done a brilliant job of the design and filter which makes for the most comfortable experience for the wearer, after a while you barely even notice you’re wearing a face mask. As MEO adhere to international testing standards you feel like you’re wearing the safest possible mask and with prices starting from $22 for MEO Lite and $6.50 for MEO X they’re an affordable option which is important too.

If you want a reusable option then go for the MEO Lite, if you’re looking for disposable masks to have on hand then try the MEO X. We’ll definitely be keeping some of each on hand for any future needs.

This story is brought to you in partnership with MEO.

MEO face mask review

Evelyn wears a MEO X face mask.

MEO face mask review

James wears a MEO Lite face mask.

Images by James Yang.

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