We Review: Remington Perfect Curls

While my hairdresser makes it seem like such a simple task, trying to replicate this at home has left me with burns on my ears and forehead coupled with a very strange hair style not resembling curls at all.

So the chance to trial out something called Perfect Curls was like a dream come true, could this be the curling revolution I was waiting for?

The answer is YES, hooray I achieved perfect curls all on my own. 

Using this tool takes a minimal amount of practice but so did using my ceramic straighteners and now I can use them blindfolded.

The curls are bouncy and they don’t fall out if you brush them.

You also don’t need to use a lot of hair or setting spray so you can easily style and separate.

So would I recommend Perfect Curls? Absolutely!

-Petrina Wilson

So what exactly is Remington Perfect Curls?

Its innovative form and application is unlike any other styler on the market and is set to send waves through the beauty industry.

Perfect Curls takes all the guesswork out of styling, to have you creating flawless Hollywood curls with the flick of your wrist. 

What makes this tool unique is its protective heat-resistant casing over a conventional curling barrel.

This not only ensures that burns and scalds are a thing of the past, but with a spiral path to guide your hair, it creates perfect cascading curls, time after time. 

Glamorous, flowing waves have never been so easy. Simply clip hair into place and wind the tong up – the styler guides hair around the barrel of the tong. Let the styler work its magic for 5 to 10 seconds and voilà, you’ll have picture perfect ringlets without any fuss at all.

To ensure smooth and glossy results, the styler’s barrel features a ceramic infused coating to keep curls moisturised and frizz free, while a fast heat up time of just 30 seconds means you’re ready to style in next to no time.

Perfect Curls allows you to achieve flawless salon results in the comfort of your own home. So embrace the season’s penchant for whimsical curls with a styler that will give you impeccable results every time!

Available Mid October 2011.

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