WE-AR debuts ethical swimwear collection

WE-AR Swimwear collection Jan 2018

Swimwear from WE-AR’s new swim collection. Image supplied.

WE-AR have made a name for themselves with their ethical yoga and activewear pieces and they’ve just debuted their first swimwear collection which is perfectly timed to make the most of summer. WE-AR founder and designer, Jyoti Morningstar, has created a lovely collection of swimwear in tones that beautifully complement the brand’s current summer and high summer collections.

Each collection is inspired by nature and the endless artistry of the human form with Jyoti utilising her expert knowledge of creating well-made, supportive yoga bras to produce the practical and winsome swimwear. Each piece is made in Bali at WE-AR’s B-CORP certified production house to the highest ethical standards. This first swimwear collection is made up of three versatile and fully reversible styles; the Braided Bikini, the High Waisted Cross Bikini, and the One Piece.

“I designed the braided bikini as I have a D-cup bust and a whole draw full of bikini tops that I am forever falling out of as soon as I do more then gently sashay about the beach! I wanted a bikini you could surf and dive in that didn’t feel or look structured. I wanted the design to have an adjustable top and bottom so you could basically lash the swimwear to your body and head out into big swell,” says Jyoti.

WE-AR’s ethical swimwear is available at WE-AR stores, stockists and online now.


WE-AR Swimwear collection Jan 2018

WE-AR Swimwear collection Jan 2018

Images supplied.

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