Videris Lingerie launches beautiful new releases

Videris lingerie

Videris Lingerie has launched some exciting new releases. Images supplied.

Videris Lingerie‘s considered approach with a focus on comfort has gained the brand many fans around the globe since the label was launched late last year. Founder and designer Chloé Julian is extending the range this month, with a new ‘Sarah’ bra style and two new purposeful colours – Maven and Bold, as well as a beautiful embroidered ‘Blossom’ capsule.

The ‘Sarah’ bra  is a soft-cup style, in keeping with Videris’ underwire-free ethos, and offers a scooped sweetheart neckline. The small U-wire centre front references the brand’s popular ‘Angela Bra’, with the same gathering detail which allows flexibility during natural cyclical fluctuation and a supportive underbust cradle following the natural curve of the breast. It’s available in the seven existing colours and two new hues that make up Videris’ lingerie collection.

“The Sarah Bra is particularly comfortable for a heavier bust that needs relief from the traditional elastic shoulder strap,” says Chloé. “The cup fabric extended up to a wider fabric strap allowing for the weight of the breast to feel more supported. Simultaneously, the cradle shapes to follow the bust at the side seam, which celebrates the curve of every shape.”

Colour psychology is an important and unique part of the brand’s offering, Videris want to encourage a morning daily ritual of ‘checking in’ with yourself. When selecting your lingerie, Videris asks, ‘how do I feel or how do I want to feel today?’. Each of the original seven colours was chosen for their holistic power and that continues with the two new colours, Maven and Bold.

Maven is a dark navy indigo that promotes intuition, wisdom and articulation. Using the communicative force of blue combined with the creative energy of violet, Maven connects you to your female intuition. Bold, the striking passionate red hue symbolises energy and emotion. It is commonly associated with sexuality and intimacy, and Bold was intentionally chosen to secure the wearer with a sense of confidence, encouraging a modern take on desire and passion.

With this new release is the first embroidered capsule collection from Videris which is an iteration of a nostalgic reference from Julian’s formative years working in Europe. The designer was inspired by a vintage handkerchief from her archive that was thrifted from the Florence markets. The delicately pretty ‘Blossom’ embroidery was hand-drawn and is available in each Bra style and Bikini and High Waist knickers in Olive Green and Shield Black colours.

For these exciting new releases Videris created some gorgeous new campaign imagery that celebrates empowered confident women. Models Kama and Tiare embody the message that there’s nothing sexier than a person who feels comfortable in their own skin. Videris is designed for the wearer to enjoy and reflects the female gaze, it’s about making you feel confident and celebrating your body.

From the beginning, Videris has been committed to environmental consciousness with each piece made exclusively from biodegradable TENCEL, a natural fibre made using sustainability-sourced wood pulp. It requires less energy and water to create than cotton, while offering unparalleled quality and durability. The lingerie won’t lose its shape, colour or tactile softness even after repeated washing. It’s also kind on your skin as every element of Videris’ lingerie is Oeko-tex® 100 garment certified, meaning it’s 100% free from harmful substances. Beautiful lingerie that is kind to you and the planet is definitely win-win.

Videris Lingerie’s new releases are available for pre-order online now with delivery from late June.

Videris lingerie

Videris lingerie

Videris lingerie

Videris lingerie

Images supplied.

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