Videris Lingerie debuts considered maternity bra

Videris Maternity Bra

Videris Lingerie have launched the brand’s first maternity bra. Images supplied.

Videris Lingerie launched their colourful, comfortable take on lingerie late last year and the New Zealand-based brand has seen more women adopt their considered, wire-free approach. Now, Videris have turned their attention to a new challenge, designing a maternity bra that has the same philosophy and approach.

The idea of creating a maternity bra came from Founder and Designer Chloe Julian who decided it would be a welcomed extension to her beautiful range of mindful lingerie. With the world anticipating a baby boom as a result of lockdowns it seemed like perfect timing, although as it turned out Chloe was also one of the many women who conceived during this time of slowness.

“Throughout the development process, I have personally worn and tested this bra whilst breastfeeding my daughter,” says Chloe. “Making tweaks to the samples in real-time as I experienced my breasts changing from the early engorgement stage when your milk is starting to ‘come in’ to the following weeks when your milk flow changes with babies’ needs.”

The designer brought her many years of lingerie design experience to Videris Lingerie, where she put comfort along with practicality at the forefront of the design process. When it came to creating a maternity bra, Chloe knew extra support and strength were key, without the wearer feeling any restriction or discomfort. Drawing from her own experience gave the designer a personal insight into what a maternity bra customer would want from their bra.

“Like with all of our lingerie, I only wanted to use natural fabrics, for breathability and comfort, and I needed to create incredible support, without compromising the design. I was conscious that breastfeeding naturally leads to others glimpsing at your bra, so presentability was a lead factor, too. But whether or not you show anyone else your bra (intentionally or otherwise), beautiful lingerie makes you feel special, and anyone who has just given birth could certainly do with feeling special. The result is a comfortable, supportive, breathable maternity bra designed to make mothers feel good.”

Videris’ Belle maternity bra is constructed with a soft, wide elastic underband to hold the bra firmly under the breasts and a wide back wing, lined in powermesh with a triple hook and eye to give extra support to the bust. And unlike other maternity bras, the elastic straps are laid on top of the soft Tencel fabric for extra comfort at the shoulders removing any feeling of ‘ straps digging in.’

Chloe utilised the unique U-wire at centre front from the Angela Bra, as it has gathering which allows for greater flexibility in fit to accommodate the natural fluctuations in breast size throughout pre and postnatal stages. The Belle bra has an A-lined top cup which eliminates seams touching the skin, with two layers of fabric for ultimate comfort. Key to easy nursing is the drop-down cups, along with the added bonus of the U-wire allowing you to tuck your top into the centre front, to hold off babies’ faces.

Every piece of Videris Lingerie is certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 which means it’s free from harmful chemicals. Chloe chose TENCEL Lyocell to craft the lingerie from because it’s thermal regulating, breathable, and moisture-wicking which is the perfect choice against your skin. The Belle bra, like all Videris Lingerie pieces, will retain its shape, colour, and softness even after repeated washing which definitely makes life easier for new mothers who won’t have to worry about purchasing multiple maternity bras.

Customers can choose from two initial colourways Shield (black) and Rosy (soft pink) which each offer different colour properties. Shield is not only is an easy colour to wear, but also brilliant at hiding the inevitable stains. In line with the brand’s colour theory principles, Shield creates a protective and comforting layer between you and the outside world. Acting like a safeguard for your emotions and feelings. While Rosy is a lighter option to wear under clothes, and also awakens your feminine and intuitive energy and helps you show tenderness and affection, trusting in your own mothering instincts. The soft hue is considered calming and helps to balance out all the emotional energies you experience after childbirth, along with compassion and understanding not only for others but also for yourself as you navigate motherhood.

Videris Lingerie’s Belle maternity bra is available for pre-order online now and will be available from mid-June, RRP $120.

Videris Maternity Bra

Images supplied.

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