Ugly in the inside

I wanted to share with you something really nice that came through my inbox this week  (Don't worry – all my blogs won't be this mushy – next time I will be blogging about one of my favourite topics – Brazilian waxing)

FashioNZ had a stand at the Girls Day Out Event, where, along with our friends at Phoenix Cosmetics, and a fabulous team of beauty mad helpers, we managed to churn out 230 makeovers, hair styles and photo shoots!

I received an email, the following Sunday from the mother of a girl who had visited our booth. She was thanking me for making her daughter feel beautiful, because, and I quote, “the girls at her high school tell her she is ugly” She said that since the makeover and photo shoot, her daughter had been trying out new makeup looks, and taking more care of her hair and appearance, and now felt that she was pretty, no matter what the other girls said.

This made me so sad – no one should ever be told they are ugly, and I think women everywhere can empathize with the impact that feeling bad about the way you look can have on your self confidence and the way you go about your day. Young girls can be cruel, but I don't think it ends at high school level – women of all ages can, and do make their peers feel insecure about their looks, without thinking about the damage it can do.

It's not hard to make someone feel good about themselves. The little girl who came into our booth feeling ugly and walked out feeling beautiful was not given a face full of makeup – she had a slick of nude lip gloss on and some very subtle eye make up. Her photos were amazing because her natural beauty shone through and I realized why. She had been told she was beautiful – not by her parents, or a friend, or by a man but by a woman she did not know from a bar of soap, who happened to be in the booth at the same time as her and she really truly believed it.

Your parents, family and friends can tell you how pretty you are till they are blue in the face, but I am sure, like me, although it feels nice, there is always that underlying feeling of “they have to say that” or  “all mothers think their kids are good looking”

Sometimes it takes that stranger at a party to tell you she likes your dress or the women on the bus next to you to tell you that you have beautiful skin, or for that colleague you never really talk to tell you she likes you hair to really give you that boost of confidence you need.

So tell someone you don't really know that they look beautiful this week – that you like her makeup, tan, top, lip gloss or hair cut – you get the picture.

Imagine how many other little girls out there like the one I was emailed about – they all deserve to feel beautiful too – and so do the women that these little girls grow up to be.

Those girls at school, who called this beautiful little girl ugly, are ugly on the inside – and no amount of lip gloss, foundation, or bronzer can conceal that.

Love Kate ,

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