Turet Knuefermann's New Concept Store


Turet Knuefermann opens her new namesake concept store Knuefermann today in Fanshawe Street's historic Kauri Timber building. Turet is celebrating ten years in the fashion industry which is an impressive milestone and the perfect time to expand her business to this new store. The stunning boutique has been designed by architecture firm Fearon Hay, who have created a luxurious space which makes the most of natural elements including wood, stone and light.  


Since she opened her first boutique a decade ago Turet has become known for her exquisite feminine style, which is informed by a rich and varied heritage. “My parents brought us up with German traditions. At home everything was carefully considered. From the fashion choices of how we dressed through to the way we lived, to the wonderful design pieces they chose for our home,” says Turet.


Her new Knuefermann brand has been a personal journey for the Waikato-born designer who grew up in both Europe and New Zealand, giving her a broad world view and meaning she could enjoy the contrast of Kiwi countryside with European fashion destinations, languages and architecture. With Knuefermann Turet wanted to create a brand that encapsulates classic elegance and her German ancestry, as her upbringing has had a profound influence on her style. The exquisite geometric monograms used in Knuefermann's design is reminiscent of the traditional German embroidery Turet was taught by her mother as a child. Which is complimented by beautiful bespoke lettering and the distinctive Knuefermann wordmark.


“What you wear has a powerful effect on how you feel. It gives other people first impressions of who you are. It says something on a subconscious level, something I wanted reflected in the brand,” says Turet. “There is an empowerment that women have. I focus on designing garments that make

them feel beautiful, where they can forget about what they are wearing, allowing them to just be themselves.”


Her stunning new concept store joins the popular Ponsonby boutique and marks a prominent beginning to the second decade of creative success for Knuefermann. No doubt her loyal fanbase will readily embrace her new label and celebration of her heritage. 



Images from Turet Knuefermann

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