Try these six wellness apps to aid a healthy life

Wellness apps

We’ve rounded up six of our favourite wellness apps for you to try. Image supplied.

In the age of technology, our trusty handheld pals go everywhere with us and help to organise our lives. From emails to reminders, healthy recipes, music or workouts – smartphones have essentially become an extension of ourselves. And with more and more people adapting to a better way of living, wellness has become a huge market for tech-savvy people to create wellness apps to help aid our health journeys. From sleep aid apps and apps to help track your cycle to apps that will help you to quit smoking, here are six of the most popular wellness apps to aid a healthy life:

Headspace is one of the most popular meditation and mindfulness apps, giving users a workout for their brain. The idea is to take ten minutes out of your day to listen in and clear your mind – with people reporting benefits such as better attention spans, alertness and feeling more calm.

If you are wanting to track your period, ovulation or just get better in tune to your body, Clue is the app for you. Clue allows you to not only track your cycle, but input symptoms such as mood changes, cramps, tender breasts and cravings, as well as being able to input lifestyle factors such as your sex drive, alcohol intake, and sleep cycles. I personally use this app and can honestly say it has helped me to understand my body better.

My Possible Self
This app can help users to track serious or traumatic events in their lives and how they affect their mood, as well as triggers. You can monitor your feelings and triggers and help to keep track of your anxiety, loss, low mood or major life changes.

Sleep Cycle
For those of you wanting to track your sleep cycles and just generally get a better nights sleep – the Sleep Cycle app is for you. This app helps to track your sleep patterns by analysing sounds and movements while you are sleeping and will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep so you feel less groggy and grumpy.

Smoke Free
For those wanting to quit smoking, this app helps to track your cravings and progress, as well as telling you the money you’ve saved and the hours of life you’ve saved too.

The final app is Streaks – this app is a virtual do-do list which will help you to reach your goals and increase productivity. The app will allow up to 12 tasks per day and encourage you to complete the full 12 tasks consecutively to form a “streak.” These tasks can be anything from making your bed to going for a walk.

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