Trelise Cooper's Locket Full of Secrets

Dark deeds and whispered secrets entwine with ancient memories in the hypnotising first collection of antiqued sterling silver jewellery entitled, ‘Locket full of Secrets’.

The collection is inspired by long forgotten historical treasures; hidden meanings are inscribed into precious lockets, dramatic cuffs, statement rings, intricate pendants and a whimsical charm bracelet.

Featuring ancient tomes, circus carousels, naughty nymphs and heraldic icons delicately etched in Latin, this collection is both elegant and playful.


Arriving in stores ust in time for Christmas, the range is available at Trelise Cooper Boutiques worldwide, and is distributed by New Zealand Mint into selected fine jewellery and gift stores throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We’ve just found something else to add to our Christmas wish list!

By Natalie Cosgrove

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