Treasure Hunt: Op Shops Reviewed

The second I read this I was determined to find the store the young student was talking about.


It took me three days during the summer university break and countless U-turns down side roads I never knew existed but. . . I reckon I found it!


And I have to say that that op shop is pretty much the best time I've had in a church EVER.


St. David's Presbyterian Church


Layout: Very well organised and spaced out racks. Set out into dresses, blouses, men's trousers, etc. I didn't end up getting anything that required trying on but there were changing rooms available.


Quality: Clean and new looking clothes, even if they are from the '60's. Some designer goods and a fair amount of current 'on-trend' garments (sheer, pleats, floral, velvet, etc.)


Prices: This is the best bit because they are cheap! I scored this brown leather oversized clutch for the low price of $1.


Be sure to have cash on hand though as there is no eftpos or credit facility and the nearest walk-able cash provider was extremely reluctant to oblige. 


This is an op shop to visit frequently to make sure you get the best bargains. Parking is a breeze and free right outside the shop.


Opening hours were slightly odd if remember rightly, closing at 3pm so best to call first if you are making a special trip.


Somervell Presbyterian Opportunity Shop


Layout: A small and not the most user-friendly store, but it is quite small and has a lot of stock.



The store is divided into sections, but only very basic ones, like dresses, long-sleeved tops, jeans, etc. I noted two changing rooms, but there were possibly more.



Quality: Being in high-society Remuera, Auckland, there were a number of fancy things.


The silk velvet Trelise Cooper skirt I got had two tiny marks that came out in the wash, but it was a little risky as I had no idea whether they would or not before I got it home.


The large majority of clothes and bags were in reasonably good nick.


The shoes looked like they needed a decent clean (or burial), but my anti-foot-fetish might render me a little bias to begin with here. . .


Prices: Despite the unknown ability to remove the marks on the skirt, it was $4, so it wasn’t too risky a buy.


The marks were at the waistline so it would have been simple to cover them if they didn't wash out. Otherwise it could’ve been re-purposed into an on-trend cape.


Prices here are amazing. $4 for the silk velvet Trelise Cooper designer skirt and $5 for the sheer black organza pants with drawstring legs, also Trelise Cooper.


Both RRP at over $300 and both are extremely on-trend!


Note that there is no eftpos facility so bring your cash!


This shop was such a fabulous find that I seriously considered keeping it to myself.


Luckily for you, selfishness is simply not in my nature and I'm sure Karma will reward me someday.


I'd love to know what you purchased if you do make it there though. Go on, make me jealous!


– Sarah Smith, The Rational Dresser

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