Trans-seasonal Workwear

The majority of us spend more time at work than anywhere else (minus sleeping hours of course) which means the majority of your wardrobe is likely going to be based around what you can wear to work.


Unless you are restricted, by the boss’s command, to wearing suiting to work, there is room to move with corporate-wear. Possibly more than you might realise. And with a little forethought and careful selection, the garments you buy in mind for work, can be mixed and matched through the seasons, as well as with casual outfits.


Read on for some easily transitioned garment ideas.


Blouses have to be one of the most versatile styles of top. Choose a chiffon or similar silky fabric in a number of neutral and coloured shades, patterns and appliqué detail.


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Winter: Pair with an asymmetrical leather jacket or a tuxedo blazer. Wear either tucked or un-tucked. Pair with trousers, skinny or wide-leg, or a dressy skirt with tights. Alternatively, try wearing it under a shift dress with tights. Finish with office-appropriate heels.


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Roll/button the sleeves up and wear some arm jewels. Pair with cropped trousers or a knee-length skirt. Finish with some bright heels.

Casual: Dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans. Add a light blazer and finish with sparkly heels for a night out. Or pair with a pair of wide-leg, casual jeans. Belt them with a skinny belt. Finish the look with some stacked heels.


Skinny trousers are an endless form of inspiration for creating new outfits. Choose a dark or neutral colour.


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Winter: Wear with a sweater and blouse. Layer a cardigan over a shirt and push the sleeves up a little to reveal some of the shirt underneath. Try a plain tee with some seriously stacked neck jewels and a plain blazer. Finish with some classy heels or try a pair of oxford lace ups.


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  Fold up the legs to create a cropped look. Wear with a silky top that has some appliqué detail. Add some arm jewels. Try some brighter heels for the summer season, but make them the outfit statement rather than mixing too many colours.

Casual: Wear with a loose tee or a loose-fitting crochet sweater. Tuck in the front to create a little shape. Wear with some smoking shoes or other flats.


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Plain shift dresses
can be worn a number of different ways to create looks for many occasions. Choose a solid colour with minimal details like pleats, darts and collars.


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Winter: Wear with a wool cardigan. Belt at the waist or leave open and add some neck jewels. Wear a sweater underneath for a classy school-girl look. Add some patterned or plain tights and a pair of boots.

Summer: Try a light blazer in a similar, but complementing colour to the dress. Or grab a cardigan or blazer in a bright colour and colour-block. Create some extra shape by belting below the bust or at your natural waist. Choose plain heels if colour blocking or some more interesting ones if not.


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Casual: Belt the waist of the dress, or leave un-belted. Wear with a patterned cardigan. Pair with some cute flats with bow details.


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