To scrunchie or not to scrunchie?

You may have noticed that scrunchies are everywhere again but are you into them? As a child of the eighties I have to admit that I loved them growing up, it was still the age of the home sewer and my mum deftly whipped up my sister’s and my own clothes on her trusty Bernina. One of the perks of choosing cute fabric for that new dress or skirt meant getting a matching scrunchie which made every outfit that much better and I delighted in accessorising my ponytails with them.

The scrunchie started to fall out of favour as the nineties progressed and were much more likely to be found in the bathroom to tie up your hair to wash your face than out and about. Slowly they disappeared and I can’t say I’ve had one in my possession for over 20 years now. Carrie Bradshaw’s dismissive diss of the scrunchie in Sex and the City was definitely proof that the scrunchie was over, but as fashion is nothing if not cyclical, the scrunchie is back!

While the nostalgic part of me is secretly thrilled, I have felt a bit of relunctance to embrace them even though they’re now back in stores and on the runway. I have seen some particularly pretty ones lately and we all know the secret to the scrunchie is just the right fabric for the perfect amount of ruching to complement your hairstyle.

It wasn’t hard to find a fun mix of scrunchies to share with you to give them a try, with some great picks to for something classic or colourful to add to your outfit. The jury is still out on whether you’ll catch me wearing one just yet, although I’m liking the RUBY and moochi versions quite a lot so we will see…

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