To Great Lengths

Today I headed off to Phoenix Cosmetics where the lovely Sammy applied the most exquisite lash extensions to my stumpy lashes and boy oh boy do they make a difference.

My flutter power has increased tenfold and they just look incredible.

First off. Sammy started by tinting my natural eyelashes (blue/black – great for blondies) so that they would not look ashy next to the va-va-voom lash extensions.

Then she painstakingly added the lashes one-by-one until I had a full, thick set that were twice as long as normal. The lashes last from 2-6 weeks depending on how you look after them, and usually fall out with your natural lashes as they renew themselves. Swimming in chlorine is a sure fire way to lose them!

Before:                                          After

Sammy told me that by not wearing mascara the lash extensions would last far longer, which had me a little worried as I can't leave the house without it. But after I looked in the mirror I realized that you don't even need mascara with these bad boys – taking my makeup off at night is going to be so much easier.

I got mine at Phoenix Cosmetics 513a New North Road Kingsland Auckland (09) 845 6620

Do a google search if you don't live in Auckland and you are sure to find a salon who does them.

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