Tikitoon Takes Off

A playful new character with a quirky attitude is set to make his mark in the world of jewellery design.


The cheeky new icon goes by the name of Tikitoon and is the central figure in the namesake collection from New Zealand Mint Jewellery.

Tikitoon is a pop art interpretation of the iconic Tiki, representing the thriving art and street culture scene of New Zealand.

Created by artistic twins David and Michael Robinson, together with their father Ken make up Robinson Designer Goldsmith (RDG) Jewellers.

Ken Robinson describes Tikitoon as a unique character. “He is a warm friendly little guy with a cheeky disposition, and features throughout the new collection in the form of pendants, rings and a bracelet charm,” says Ken.

New Zealand Mint Jewellery Manager Rachel Warren says the company is looking forward to bringing its first unisex range to the market.
“All pieces are crafted in Sterling Silver with an antiqued finish; it gives them a truly funky vibe which will appeal to men and women alike.

“The Tikitoon range also includes a number of additional characters which we will continue to launch over time,” Ms Warren says.

The first character is a Kiwiana version of Cupid which comes in a pendant form. Cupid Tikitoon is a mischievous character and the ultimate symbol of good old fashioned love.

The pendant portrays a Sterling Silver Tikitoon Cupid carrying his trademark bow and arrow and sporting angel wings.

New Zealand Mint also produces several ranges of jewellery that cater to many tastes and styles, including the Boh Runga for New Zealand Mint collections.


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