Tigerlily launches Nefertiti



Nefertiti was a prominent wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh and in Egyptian folklore, Nefertiti means 'beautiful one has come.' 


Images portray her as an elegant figure with a long, graceful neck, and it is suggested that she bathed in jasmine scented water and anointed her skin with the paste of sandalwood and amber as part of her beauty routine.


Inspired by this 'Lady of Grace', Tigerlily have created a swim and over swim collection which has recently dropped into store.

The signature engineered design features both floral and geometric forms inspired by nature and the ancient hieroglyphs of Nefertiti's time.


Classic black and white patterns with rich jewel tones are accented by gold foil highlights.


Swimwear is available in monos (meaning you can pick and choose your shapes the way you like) and the collection also includes coordinate print cover ups. So make the most of your mid winter get-away with this amazing collection from Tigerlily.


Tigerlily New Market, 22 Osborne Street, New Market, Auckland
ph: 09 529 017209 529 0172
email: [email protected]

Tigerlily The Department Store, Level 3, 10 Northcroft Street, Takapuna
ph: 09 950 286509 950 2865
email: [email protected]

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