This natural and antibacterial mask spray is your new handbag essential

Mask Manuka

Mask Mānuka is a purifying, refreshing face mask spray. Image supplied.

Wallet, keys, phone, mask. They have become a part of our day to day lives. Some opt for disposable masks and others prefer a fabric mask – but like with your daily water bottle you carry around everywhere, we need to ask the question… When was the last time you washed it?

I know we are guilty of reusing our fabric masks for days, even sometimes weeks without washing it and when you think about it, it’s actually pretty gross. No wonder Maskne is having a moment.

Well, this New Zealand company has created a solution to keep your mask and your face sanitized inbetween mask washes – Introducing Mask Mānuka. Mask Mānuka is a purifying, refreshing face mask spray that fights bacteria and keeps your mask feeling clean and fresh in between washes. Made from 100% pure, naturally antibacterial mānuka, just two sprays gives you two hours of freshness.

Founder of Mask Mānuka, Greg Hickman, says the product is unlike anything else on the market and is designed to reduce natural bacteria build-up and make wearing a mask feel like you’re taking a walk in a native forest.

“We know that many Kiwis keep their mask in their car or tucked into a bag ready to go. Mask Mānuka is a fantastic way to keep your mask smelling fresh while also fighting off bacteria and helping you breathe easier.”

Harvested directly from the mānuka plant in the Central Plateau of New Zealand, Mask Mānuka utilises a natural byproduct of mānuka oil production – mānuka hydrosol. With the same benefits and antibacterial properties as mānuka oil, the byproduct currently goes to waste.

“Around 1,000 litres of hydrosol goes unused for every litre of mānuka oil produced. Making use of this natural byproduct ensures this precious resource is being used sustainably and with little waste,” says Greg.

Mānuka is already highly regarded both domestically and internationally for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. A sustainable and truly clean beauty product, Mask Mānuka contains no nasty chemicals or harmful additives that can be absorbed by your body.

In a convenient 50ml bottle, Mask Mānuka is a new handbag essential. Simply spray on your reusable mask to reduce bacteria build-up and breathe in the fresh, natural fragrance of New Zealand Mānuka.

Proudly grown, harvested, distilled, and bottled in New Zealand. Mask Mānuka is available online at

Mask Manuka

Images supplied.

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