Thinking of switching to a menstrual cup? Here are your questions answered

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Mary Bond from The Hello Cup answers your menstrual cup questions. Image supplied.

When you have spent your whole “period life” using tampons or pads the thought of switching to something new might be a little bit scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Menstrual cups are not only super easy to use but they are so much better for both your body and the environment AND they are way more cost-effective than pads and tampons, so you can spend your hard-earned money on things you actually want! But still, we understand the hesitation for making the switch, so we got in touch with The Hello Cup Co-Founder and Nurse, Mary Bond to ask her 10 of the most common questions surrounding the use of a Hello menstrual cup, to help you ditch the pads and tampons and make the switch to a Hello Cup today.

How do I insert the menstrual cup?
Fold the cup in a shallow punch-down fold (we have a cute video of this on our website), scoop the open end up and into your vagina, let go of the fold as soon as you can feel your fingers just inside the vagina entrance, wiggle the cup into place with the toggle. You should feel the suction in place. Sorted. We have lots of tips on the website to help with insertion and removal and you can always email for some personalised help at [email protected]

How does a menstrual cup stay in position?
The rim of the cup forms a seal in the vaginal canal underneath the cervix. It holds firm until the suction is released and the cup is removed.

Can a menstrual cup get stuck inside me?
No! If a user has a high cervix, they may experience the cup moving up but it is a dead-end up there so it can only go so far. If a cup moves up out of reach it can easily be retrieved after some slow deep breathing to relax the muscles and some gentle and sustained bearing down – like you’re going to the loo. This will move the cup down. Then, reach up, pinch the bottom of the cup to release the suction and remove.

How often do I need to empty the cup?
This depends on how quickly you fill it. We recommend emptying your cup at least every 12 hours. Someone who has a heavier flow will need to empty more often, but as the cups hold roughly 3x what a tampon does, it should be less often than what you currently need to change a tampon or pad.

How do I know what size cup to purchase?
We recommend that you take the quiz on our website. It takes less than 2 min and will guide you in the right direction. We can also help via [email protected].

Hello Cup

The Hello Cup offers a range of sizes and colours to suit everyone – the full range is available to shop online. Image supplied.

Can I wear a menstrual cup while having sex?
No, we don’t recommend it. Because the cup sits in the vaginal canal, it is going to be in the way for penetrative sex.

Can I wear a menstrual cup while exercising?
Yes! Once your cup has formed a seal, it won’t leak unless it is too full. This means that you can run, swim, ride a bike, pole dance or lie on the couch all without fear of leaks ruining your fun!

Is it safe to wear a menstrual cup at night while I sleep?
Absolutely. Once the cup has formed a seal, you can literally swing from the ceiling without the cup leaking! It can be a good idea to back your cup up for the first few times though, just to be sure you have the hang of it. Our Hello Cup reusable liners are great for this.

How do I clean my menstrual cup?
Wipe the cup with toilet paper or rinse with cold water during your period, then wash with a mild non-fragranced soap before sterilizing and popping it away until next time. Our Hello Go Sterilising Spray is also great for extra protection when emptying and reinserting your cup. Easy!

What do I do if I am having issues with my menstrual cup not working properly?
Have a read of our troubleshooting tips on our website as they are specific to Hello Cups. If you are still unsure or just want to get to the specifics of the problem – email us at [email protected] there’s never TMI for our team!

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