The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

I had a great chance to break loose last weekend when BMW asked me if I’d like to drive one of the newly wrapped New Generation cars which will be used for VIP’s throughout the upcoming New Zealand Fashion Week.


The wrap design was created by New Generation Designer, Beverley Riverina


After a very windy reveal at the Sofitel Hotel on Viaduct Harbour last Friday, the keys to a charcoal grey BMW 3 Series Touring were slipped into my hand and, oh-baby, I was away.


I’d love to be able to talk the torque and tell you a little more about the engine size, the brakes, and the overall power of this driving machine, but the truth is I can’t and to be completely honest – I don’t care.



To put it simply, I already love this car whether or not the sound of the engine revving would put hairs on your chest.  I seriously doubt that I could be any more dazzled by what I’m sure is an impressive offering of engine under that shiny, grey bonnet.



And for those genuine car enthusiasts I apologise in advance for taking a ‘chick’s’ perspective on this one – I  know what I like and I like this car, a lot!


It’s sleek , elegant and roomy enough for the family, including the dog!


Sitting in those beautiful leather seats feels like wearing a designer handbag for the very first time and you know just how damn good it looks with everything!


Plus they’re insanely comfy,  they hug and support you like that best friend you haven’t seen for 10 years.



Heads Up Display projects important driving information as a colour image on the windscreen


This machine also boasts a range of common sense features too, such as the Head Up Display which projects driving information into your line of sight which means eyes remain where they need to be… on the road ahead.


I also liked the simple way various functions can be controlled using idrive. Everything you need cleverly accessed and while on the road.


idrive functionality makes accessing all the information you need simple.


What’s more, parking sensors ,plus front and rear cameras, make parking an absolute breeze even for the biggest of carpark hit and run offenders.


Overall, the BMW 3 Series Touring was a smooth and easy drive. It cruised around the city and gave me power when I needed it in the country.


This pretty much has everything I want and more in a car, but sadly this ultimate fashion accessory is a little out of my budget at the moment – it was good while it lasted!


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