The red lippy guide

Red lippy is a tricky one – when not worn correctly it can go one of two ways: You can either end up looking like your mother, or risk having strange men in fast cars cars pulling over to ask you how much your hourly rate is.

When worn the right way however, red lipstick is classy, chic and classic – and can take your look, and your outfit from average, to 'super-smoking-red-hot-goddess' status.

Choose the right shade of red:

When choosing a shade of red, it is important to take into consideration your underlying skin tone. If your skin has pink or red undertones, you’ll want to lean towards reds with a pink or blue base. If your base skin color has yellow tones, you’ll look best in a warmer shade of red with some brown undertones. If you are not sure about which shade is right for you, make sure you ask for advice at the makeup counter as they will be able to point you in the right direction. Having the wrong shade can easily turn this sultry trend to just plain trashy.

Don’t overdo the rest of your makeup:

Red lipstick can be very overpowering so its important not to over-do the rest of your makeup. A flawless base, subtle cheek colour and nothing on the eyes but lashings of mascara is the way to go!

Apply it correctly:

* Firstly you should start with a lip moisturiser and then apply a small amount of foundation or powder to help set your lipstick – this will create the perfect base and make it last longer.

* Next, line your lips with a lip-liner in a similar shade to your lipstick, or with a nude liner.

* Apply a thin coat of your red lipstick, making sure to stick within the natural shape of your lips. It’s a good idea to use a lip brush to ensure a light, even application.

* Blot your lips with a tissue and then apply a second light coat – you can repeat this process untill you get the depth of colour you desire.

* Pop your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly pull your finger out of your mouth – this will ensure any colour that ws at risk of being transfered onto your teeth is now on your finger.

* You can either stick with the matt look or apply a clear lip-gloss over top for juicy, pouty lip.

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