The power of wearing colour with Emma Peters of Aleph Beauty

Aleph Beauty

Emma Peters, founder of Aleph Beauty. Image supplied.

The power of colour can not only change how we look on the outside, but also, how we feel on the inside. For many, putting on makeup can make us feel as if we are putting on our shield of armour to help us take on the world – there is nothing a bold, red lip can’t help you tackle. But lately, the need or want for wearing makeup has decreased as we are spending more time at home. Emma Peters, founder of Aleph Beauty believes that being at home shouldn’t stop you from wearing a bit of colour and explains how wearing colour can spark emotion and boost our mental wellbeing, changing the way we approach our day, but that shouldn’t come from using products that are toxic. We had a (virtual) chat with Emma and asked her what her tips are for achieving an at-home makeup look for tired mums, Zoom meetings or even just a date with the couch. 

Could you tell us a little about your brand Aleph Beauty?
Aleph Beauty is an expertly and consciously created New Zealand made beauty brand. We believe that everybody should be able to create a beautiful look, quickly and easily without doing any damage to themselves or the planet.

What is your usual at-home makeup routine?
I like to keep my routine as quick and easy as possible. With two young daughters and a business to run, everything needs to be done at its most efficient. I apply Aleph Beauty Serum/Primer to clean skin straight out of the shower. Then I’ll buff in Aleph Beauty Concealer/Foundation all over the face with our Vegan Diffuser Brush and pat the same colour around the eye area for a full coverage concealer. I’ll smooth on a little Aleph Beauty Radiance Moon onto the eyelid to bring a little light into the eyes. Aleph Beauty Grounded Cheek/Lip Tint is my go-to for a natural and sculpted cheek and at the moment, I’m loving a mix of the Aleph Beauty Grounded Cheek/Lip Tint and Aleph Beauty Pixie Cheek/Lip Tint as a lip colour. I also use the morning routine to experiment with various new product developments, so I will use various versions of an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara.

Aleph Beauty

Some of Aleph Beauty’s key products.

Have you got any tips for achieving a professional at-home makeup look for Zoom/conference calls?
Yes! This is a very popular topic right now of course, and I’ve filmed some videos on this too which can be found at Some of the main tips to keep in mind are: Even out the skin with a little Concealer or Foundation and add some colour to the cheeks. The eyebrows are important to define the eyes as is mascara but avoid overdoing eye makeup as it can be overpowering and distract from being able to see your eyes. It is important over conference calls that people can see your eyes as much as possible considering that we are not yet achieving actual eye contact.

Are there certain colours that can help reduce the look of things such as dark circles under the eyes, pigmentation, rosacea etc?
Yes, knowing how to use colour correction is important. This will allow you to hide and camouflage without having to add extra layers of coverage rendering your look unnatural. To counter purple and blue tones under the eyes, a tiny touch of peach or coral can be added to your Concealer prior to application. Yellow tones are great at softening redness. Contrary to the old green stick, which tends to remove so much red that the skin appears grey, yellow will do a great job at toning down while still looking natural. Pigmentation can also be covered by using a coral tone very subtly underneath your foundation colour.

Have you got any tips for applying makeup to give us a “less tired” look?
Aleph Beauty Radiance is a fantastic piece of makeup Alchemy (Alchemy is a power or process that changes or transforms something. It is the idea of taking something ordinary and using it to create something extraordinary.) Mixing a small amount of our Radiance Moon into with your Concealer will help to brighten up the under-eye area. Also applying a touch of Aleph Beauty Radiance Moon to the inner corners of the eye will also help you look more awake and vibrant.

To find out more about Aleph Beauty you can read our other story here.

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