The Perfect Fit with Rose & Thorne

Image from Rose & Thorne’s latest collection.

I’ve long been a fan of Rose & Thorne‘s lovely, comfortable and really affordable lingerie and how they make beautiful bras and knickers accessible to every woman. Their latest spring/summer collection has just arrived in stores and it’s a joyful mix of pretty pink, yellow, teal and colourful polkadots alongside classic black and white. The styles feature soft lace, stretchy mesh and flattering shapes which make for lots of possible options depending on what you’re after. The best part is once you’ve been fitted and are wearing the correct size you know that you can choose that size across their range and it will be consistent which is brilliant and a major bonus of shopping with them.

Personally, I’ve always been into lingerie and have loved buying pretty lacey pieces since I was very young. My sister Carolyn on the other hand was never really interested and went for more crop top and sports bra styles when she was younger, unsure of what to buy or what size really fit her. Twenty odd years later and we’re both in our thirties now, I have a lot of pretty lingerie that I’ve been collecting and wearing for years while Carolyn has had a habit of picking whatever she thinks fits her and going with that. When we were offered the chance for a complimentary fitting with Rose & Thorne I thought it would be a great way for Carolyn to find out what her correct size was and choose some styles that she actually likes and feels good in. I’ll let Carolyn take it from here:

“Bra shopping has always been one of my least favourite activities, so I can say I was a little bit apprehensive about going to a bra fitting. I was curious though after being told about the company that maybe, just maybe, this could be a different experience. All the ladies at Rose and Thorne were amazing, from drinks and nibbles offered when we arrived to the most memorable fitting, every aspect of my experience was fantastic. I had the pleasure of being fitted by Sue Dunmore, who is like the messiah of bras and absolutely hilarious. After revealing my embarrassing $10 Big W bra (bought out of pure frustration of buying an expensive bra that doesn’t fit properly, isn’t comfortable and gives my breasts a horrible shape) we talked about what was wrong with my bra (ie. everything) and then about everything a bra should be. After talking through what I would like from my bra, Sue brought a selection to try and we got the sizing perfect. Then it was play time!

With so many choices it was like bra heaven for me! The shape, the fit, the cut, the styles, the feel, it felt like I had new boobs! This was all during some of the funniest banter around bra fittings, bra shopping and the unpleasant experience that it can be. I had the most amazing time at Rose and Thorne, I can’t stop telling all my girlfriends about the experience and showing off my new bras, which make me feel like I have new boobs every day! Sue and the ladies were so welcoming which made the experience really comfortable and genuine. From talking with them about the business and why they are doing what they are doing, it made me really love the brand and I left the store feeling amazing. I have worn nothing but my Rose and Thorne bras since I had my fitting and catch myself checking out my bust when I get the chance as the shape and the way they make me feel is fantastic. I can’t wait to add more bras to my collection. Thanks Rose and Thorne for giving me confidence that I didn’t think I had from my perfect fitting bras!” – Carolyn Ebrey.

Carolyn chose two Perky Power bras and one Smooth Operator bra, one bra of which was kindly gifted by Rose & Thorne. You can try Rose & Thorne’s bra fitting service at their Milford Mall store which is open standard mall hours or at their Cross Street Fit Studio in Auckland Central which is open by appointment. Details for both can be found on their website.

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