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Every day more and more people are making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, opting to detoxify their bodies and say goodbye to beauty products that just aren’t good for you. Deodorant is a product used by millions of people all around the world and for many, it is a necessity in their day to day personal hygiene routine. But what a lot of people don’t know is that using deodorant can actually be harmful to your body as they can contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, chemicals and quite often—aluminium, with all of these nasties being absorbed into your skin.

We here at FashioNZ believe it is important when recommending beauty products to you that we personally advocate for the brands ourselves and Oh Natural is a fantastic natural New Zealand based beauty care brand that we can get behind. They have a huge range of natural antiperspirants and deodorants for all different needs, skin types and price ranges. So we’ve picked out a few of our faves from their range for you to try for yourselves because there is nothing worse than spending exorbitant amounts of money on a natural deodorant from your local supermarket that just doesn’t cut the cheese…or the armpit smell!

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

Black Chicken Axilla Natural Deodorant Paste RRP $2.50 – $24.00

*Best for those wanting to combat and keep at bay strong body odour

This is a remedial deodorant paste made to neutralise odour fast and stay keeping you smelling fresh all day long. This paste is invisible after application and is made from pure essential oils such as peppermint, cajaput, mandarin, rose geranium, clove, lime, lavender and cedarwood. Vegan-friendly and not tested on animals, you can guarantee that this deo is free from parabens, alcohol and aluminium. Black Chicken also comes in a sensitive version with less baking soda for those with extra sensitive skin.

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

Dept. Of Soul Lemon and Cedarwood Mens Deodorant RRP $18.00 – $21.00

*For the men

This 100% natural deodorant is also free from parabens, aluminium and other nasty chemicals. It’s packed with Kaolin clay and organic tapioca starch to draw out any impurities, tea tree oil to neutralise bacteria, essential oils to keep you smelling fresh and coconut oil and shea butter to keep your underarms silky smooth. This deo comes in a paste or a stick for whichever tickles your fancy.

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

Kiss Ready Mama Natural Deodorant RRP $15.95

*For the mums and breastfeeding mums

Designed with new and nursing mums in mind, this natural deodorant is chemical and bicarbonate soda free to help compliment nursing and to suit those with sensitive skin. Although keep in mind that this deodorant may not be suitable for those with serious nut and gluten allergies as it contains, ground oats as well as chia oil, candelilla wax, geranium oil, vitamin E, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant Spray RRP $25.90

*For those who prefer a spray

This effective, non-aerosol spray eliminates unpleasant body odour and replaces it with a tantalising floral aroma. This spray contains organic rose leaf extract which has mildly astringent properties that refresh and tone your skin while stripping away impurities. Due to the natural formula of this deodorant spray you can spray yourself as many times a day to leave you with a soft, rose smelling scent.

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

Earths Purities Bicarb Free Deodorant Paste Apple and Bergamot RRP: $16.95

*For those who are on the zero waste bandwagon

This brand of deodorant is vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil free AND zero waste! Perfect for those with sensitive skin, the paste uses Candellia wax and real fruit extracts such as Bergamot and Petit Grain to add a sweet and spicy natural scent. Only a pea-sized portion is needed to combat odour and nourish your underarms all day long.

The Oh Natural Deodorant Edit

The Herb Farm Active Natural Deodorant RRP $13:90

*For those who prefer a roll on deodorant

The Herb Farms 100% natural roll-on deodorant naturally neutralises odour without interfering with your body’s natural cooling system. It contains Himalayan salt crystal sole, echinacea and calendula tinctures for powerful antibacterial and soothing properties.

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