The new brow

The New Brow

Step away from the tweezers – the new brow is strong, bold and impeccably groomed…

If you have been tweezing your brows into skinny-minnie arches, stop immediately. It will take around 6 weeks for you to grow them out, but if you can get through this period, under the guidance of a seasoned brow professional, you will be well on your way to the ultimate in brow fashion.

Don't recoil in horror at the though of bushy, 80's style 'power-brows'  however- the 2009 version is chic, and dressed up. Yes, it takes a little commitment, but this trend is here to stay.

Many New Zealand women are still yet to catch on to the importance, and benefits of a great brow. An expert grooming job really can be like a non-surgical face-lift for many women, and on low maintenance days, with a pair of excellent brows, you can go without any other makeup.

Check out some looks and products below that we love.

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