The Kate Effect

Enter Kate Middleton, who is everywhere right now – she even has her own doll.


She always appears effortlessly gorgeous, with those long loose curls and striking blue eyes. Woman all over the world are trying to emulate her grace and poise, we call it ‘The Kate Effect’, and we’ve been bitten.

Award winning make-up artist Asrita Singh lets us in the secrets of how to achieve Kate Middleton’s fresh-faced, understated makeup look:

The key words to bear in mind in achieving this look are fresh, glowing and natural. Kate does this well by choosing products which highlight and accentuate her features rather than cover them.

Keep your skin natural and hydrated using a moisturiser which illuminates the skin giving it a natural-looking glow. Mineral foundation would work well in achieving a natural look by giving the skin a light coverage which doesn’t clog up pores and cake the makeup.  Mineral products nourish the skin making it appear light and lucid.

Kate’s cheeks always appear to have a natural glow. This can be achieved by staining the cheeks which appears natural and lasts all day rather than a harsh pink or brown blush. A rosy tinted cream blush would do the trick. Dab the cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks with your middle finger, keep colour light and blend with your ring finger.

Keep eyes fresh and natural with well blended soft neutral tones and define the eyes with a touch of black liner.  Use MAC’s Fluid line in ‘Blacktrack’ to outline the upper lash line and lower water line with an angle brush.  This will ensure long lasting wear and prevent the liner from bleeding onto the skin.  Cream liners glide on smoothly and create elegantly defined lines or a smokey, sultry look and keep eyes dramatically emphasized all day long. Complete this look with a coat of dark volumising mascara.

To bring colour to the lips in a subtle, understated way, begin with a liner in a soft brown or neutral colour. Fill this in with either a nude or rose pink gloss, and you’ve created yourself perfect soft lips.


And viola! You’ll look like a princess in waiting before you know it.

Article courtesy of Selina Daysh

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