The Guru Of Bra-Ness


Members of the previous Bendon design and development team also joined them and together they’ve created a supremely comfortable range of lingerie.  


The proof is in the pudding, with fun and stylish bras and knickers that answer every woman’s desire for comfortably fitted underwear, which retails at half the price of similar product. 


Unlike most apparel categories, nearly all lingerie is sold through midmarket, rather than lower-priced, discount retail stores.  


This is primarily because of the issues traditionally associated with purchasing well fitted underwear.


Usually, consumers are either limited by the lower priced lingerie offering, or by low customer service levels. Both of which prevent consumers from finding aptly fitted lingerie.  


Rose & Thorne eliminate both of these issues through their innovative ‘Easyfit’ design. 


Rose & Thorne Design Executive Director, Stefan Preston says, “Starting the lingerie brand from scratch has allowed us to apply our talents to the problem without distraction.  We’ve effectively come up with the ‘Easyfit’ solution, which introduces flexibility into the fit without loss of function”.   


Managing Director Sue Dunmore continues, “Furthermore, a much simpler approach to raw materials and manufacture means that ‘made to last’ bras can retail for under $25, without compromising on design”.


The Rose & Thorne range is made up of three different knickers and seven bra ‘shapes’.  Each shape is cheekily named and has very specific features for the everyday woman including boost, control, coverage and the desired level of function over form.  Once shape preference has been identified, customers can take a sigh of relief and buy different styles without the hassle of having to revisit the changing room ever again!


There really is no reason to spend twice as much on a big-name bra, from a fancier store when Rose & Thorne have all your bases covered!

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