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These days there is a lot more focus on what’s in the products we use every day and not just the results we can hope to achieve by using them. Of course we all want younger looking skin, reduced fine lines and the damage from days spent too freely in the sun to be repaired – but at what cost?

Natural and organic skincare brands seem to be popping up on a regular basis with some made with ingredients sounding good enough to eat. So why is it that these easily identifiable formulations are finding such success in the market today?

And, these days it’s not only skincare which converts to cleaner living can enjoy, but also a few cosmetic brands emerging which proudly boast these natural qualities.

To find out more, FashioNZ recently caught up with Alison Harris from Nvey Eco, an organic cosmetic brand that has adopted a responsible approach to cosmetics.


How did the Nvey Eco cosmetic brand come to be?

An extension of Rohan Widdison’s experience in the training sector of the industry at Helene Abicair Beauty College in Melbourne, as well as a passion of natural solutions in that field….

Why are organic cosmetics so important to consumers these days?
Consumers are a lot more aware of what they are putting into and onto their body than they were 10 years ago.  Being a certified organic product provides a level of assurance of the contents as there is still very little policing of brands calling themselves ‘organic’ or natural (often brands saying this, but are only using one or two additives that are organic coupled with a chemical cocktail).  Not to mention how aware people are of the impact we have on the environment – cosmetic ingredients do contribute to pollution.

How do products made from organic ingredients stack up against other non-organic brands in terms of wearability?
Aside from waterproof NVEY ECO in most markets competes against mainstream brands very well…. We see our brand as being a great cosmetic brand first and organic second… sadly too many organic brands lack the punch and kick that consumers demand… and this is where NVEY ECO has made a solid impact.

Can a full range of cosmetics be developed using organic ingredients?

There will be limitation on certain things like waterproofing  and you cannot organically make a red lipstick, reason being is that you need chemical colorants to create the true red colour.  Otherwise we believe the range is very comprehensive & safe.
What skin type is best suited to making the switch to organic products and why?
All…. It’s not about a skin type, but clearly sensitive and problem skin will benefit from the removal of parabens, SLS, talc etc.  See below just some of the nasties in many cosmetics:
Colorants, such as D&C Red 36 (rated "low hazard"), and D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake (rated "moderate hazard") are typically tested on animals, and have raised concerns because some research has linked exposure to nervous system damage and other health concerns.

The concerns with talc as a carcinogen seems to relate to it being inhaled or entering an area of mucous membranes. It also is known to be an irritant to the skin and contributes to skin congestion. Nvey Eco chooses not to use talc in any of their products as they state “talc is now a known carcinogen”.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is linked to skin irritation and dermatitis – it is a strong degreaser so could cause skin dryness and sensitivity in high concentrations. Nvey Eco does not use any forms of Sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulphate.

What are your three favourite Nvey Eco products and why?
High Definition Cake Eyeliner in Brown – I love how versatile this product is. I use it dry on my eyebrows for definition and wet on my eyes as a liquid liner.

Compact Powder in Natural – My skin is naturally oily and this product is amazing  applied over the moisture rich foundation. It removes shine, giving the skin a matte flawless look. I also use it with the puff for touch ups through out the day.

High Definition Mascara – This mascara is amazing for definition and volume on lashes, it contains no fragrance so will not sting or irritate eyes and lasts all day.

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