The Carpenter's Daughter Launch Spring/Summer 2011 in Style

A range of beautiful models, all of whom were real women varying in age and body shape, showcased pieces from the new range and also pieces that are currently in store. This was a truly unique fashion show, with a very relaxed atmosphere. TCD is definitely a family affair – it’s clear that the staff members are very close and supportive, and share in Caroline’s vision, and I even got to meet the Carpenter himself – Caroline’s father! Caroline explained the inspiration behind each look, and showed us how pieces can be rearranged to create unique and flattering looks for all body types. She demonstrated how to work her signature three piece layering technique, and to accessorise in a way that accentuates the positive features of a woman’s body. We saw how a simple slip, hidden under the body can create a flattering long line, and create a slimming effect. Cute accessories such as belts and scarves were also used to great effect. We saw how a belt can be used to create an empire line to accentuate the bust, or how funky patterned tights can be used to disguise legs.

For the spring/summer 2011 collection, TCD has used a soft, feminine approach. Inspiration for the clothing has been taken from the idea of the silhouette being a curvaceous lady transforming in to a classical column. The clothing inspired by this idea creates a sculptural silhouette like a classical marble statue.

The colour palette uses characteristically bold highlights of orange, turquoise and lime. These highlights are interspersed with classic colours such as creamy whites, soft grey, beige and blush tones, using transparent layers of tulle, sequins, lace and floral prints. The same sensibilities have been applied in the use of black; exploring light and shadow, layering textures and revealing skin with lace. Simple details such as pleats and tucks drape over the body, revealing feminine shapes and form. Shirring creates subtle texture and shape through otherwise simple pieces. Zip detailing has also been used to give the fabric structure, and to add another facet to the sculptural inspiration.

The Carpenter’s Daughter has a unique, wonderful philosophy – they aim to inspire women, and show them that all women deserve to feel beautiful, and to be able to wear fashionable clothes. I truly enjoyed the show, and getting too have a peek into the TCD workroom, and getting to know Caroline (who by the way is also passionate about furniture and interior design – I had a peek into her lounge room and it’s an amazing, eclectic collection of pieces!). The TCD range is fashionable, funky and aimed at making women feel confident – we love it!

TCD has six flagship stores nationwide, in Auckland, Takapuna, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. Go to for more information.

See TCD’s listing on FashioNZ.

FashioNZ has a sneak peek at TCD's beautiful spring/summer 2011 collection for you. Check it out below!





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