Ten new release beauty and wellness reads for your summer holiday

With the summer holidays underway, now is the perfect time to pick up something great to read while we’re on a break. Whether you are planning to explore the backyard of our beautiful country or stay at home for some much needed (and non – government-mandated) chill out time, we’ve picked out ten interesting beauty and wellness books for you to enjoy these holidays and start your 2022 year with healthy skin, a healthy body and a healthy mind.

 Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

The Healthy Skin Kitchen by Karen Fischer

The Healthy Skin Kitchen is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants healthy skin – particularly people who struggle with eczema, acne, and many other skin disorders.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

Skincare For Your Soul by Jude Chao

This book explores the wonders of Korean skincare and the link between having a good skincare routine and good self-care.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

The Invisible Corset by Lauren Geertsen

This book explores the idea that the “invisible corset” is a set of culturally inherited beliefs that make women feel insecure and anxious in their own bodies. Geertsen helps women shift from controlling their bodies as burdens to trusting their bodies as lifelong partners.

 Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

The Perfume Companion by Sarah McCartney, Samantha Scriven

This book is beautifully illustrated with over 500 different recommended scents. It organises and explores fragrances in a guide to help readers choose fragrances most suited to them.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

Face Fitness by Patricia San Pedro

This book is a guide to simple facial exercises and clean beauty techniques to help you on your journey to healthy skin.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

I’m So Effing Tired by Amy Shah

This book is a planner to help you beat burnout, boost your energy levels and reclaim your life, written by a leading Doctor and Nutritional expert.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

Setting Boundaries by Rebecca Ray

Dr Rebecca Ray, Australian clinical psychologist and author, shows how boundaries are the key to many of the emotional and practical difficulties we encounter in daily life. This book offers science-based tools to help you recognise when your boundaries have been crossed and how to put boundaries in place.

 Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

The Book Of Overthinking by Gwendoline Smith

This book is a guide on how to stop the cycle of worry.  Psychologist and bestselling author Gwendoline Smith explains in clear and simple language the concepts of positive and negative overthinking, the truth about worry and how to deal with the ‘thought viruses’ that are holding you back.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

The Beauty Insider by Allison Young

Trusted and award-winning beauty expert Alison Young has worked in the industry for over 35 years. Her no-nonsense approach cuts through the hard sell and tells it how it is. Whether you want to look fresher or younger, need advice on brows, haircare or body basics, or struggle with skin issues such as dry skin, oily skin or a more serious condition, Alison has the answers.

Beauty and wellness reads for Summer

Skincare Decoded by Victoria Fu & Gloria Lu

Do you really need a ten-step skincare regimen? Is that $100 eye cream worth it? And what the heck are “actives” anyway? Two former skincare chemists collaborate on this book to debunk the biggest questions about what really works within the global skincare industry.

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