10 great plus size activewear outfits

When it come to being active, we know how important it is to have gear that fits well and makes you feel good. Whether your thing is lifting weights at the gym, practicing yoga at home or walking the dog in the park, we’ve got activewear options for you.

Plus size activewear

Alright Tee, $59.99 from City Chic with Full Length Sports Leggings, $99.99 from City Chic (left) and Melange Tee, $59.99 from City Chic with 3/4 Sports Legging, $79.99 from City Chic (right).

Activewear doesn’t have to be complicated, a pair of pants (full length or cropped) and a top is a great way to start and works for a lot of different kinds of exercise.

Plus size activewear

Wolf & Whistle Plus Snake Print Bra, $57.94 from ASOS with Wolf & Whistle Plus Snake Print Leggings, $89.13 from ASOS (left) and Ultimate Black Crop, AUD $69.99 from Active Truth with Smart Pocket Full Length Tight, AUD $119.99 from Active Truth (right).

Crop tops are becoming more and more popular in activewear. We love these matching sets that can be worn by themselves or with a shirt or jacket layered over the top.

Plus size activewear

Dark Garden Sports Bra, $79.99 from City Chic with 3/4 Length Dark Garden Legging, $89.99 from City Chic (left) and ASOS 4505 Curve Mesh Back Vest, $35.65 from ASOS with ASOS 4505 Curve Legging, $49.02 from ASOS (right).

Does anyone else feel like they have their life together when they have a matching outfit on? We love a matching set – would you go for something plain, patterned or a bold colour?

Plus size activewear

Nike Running Plus Long Sleeve Top, $84.68 from ASOS (left) and Leopard Spot Top, AUD $69.95 from Taking Shape (right).

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to tops – some like long sleeves (bonus if they have thumb holes), some like a longer length in the body, some like their tops more fitted and some like them loose. Find what works for you and the kind of activity you’re doing.

Plus size activewear

Isobar Plus Lightweight Waterproof Jacket, $119.99 from EziBuy (left) and Isobar Plus Longline Waterproof Jacket, $169.99 from EziBuy (right).

If you’re getting active outside then a waterproof jacket is always a good idea as the weather can be a tad unpredictable – especially in autumn and spring. The lightweight one on the left folds down to an internal pocket, making it easy to slip into your bag or your car.

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