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Hi Nikki,

I am thirteen years old, and want to start wearing some makeup. I am scared though because my mum won't let me wear much. I have medium brown hair, blue eyes, light freckles, and normal complexion. I want a simple look that is not too grown up, maybe just some foundation, mascara and lip gloss that looks quite natural. 

FashioNZ pro make up artist - beauty advice - teenage makeup

Thirteen is the age where most young girls start to think seriously about wearing makeup. Most teenagers (and their mothers!) will agree that nothing looks worse than thick foundation and heavy eye makeup on a fresh young face. Your teenage years are a time when makeup should be at a minimum, but you can have lots fun experimenting with different colours, on the way to creating a look that works for you.

Foundation adds colour and evens out your skin tone, so if your complexion is clear there is no reason to cover it with loads of makeup.

A good liquid foundation that suits young skin, is 'Maybelline Pure Makeup', its very light (as it's made up of 50% water) plus it only costs about $20, so it's great for a teenagers budget!

If you feel washed out in the winter, or want to add a golden glow to your skin in the summer, try a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, as this will add sheer colour – plus a little coverage.

Smashbox have a great new 'Sheer Focus' tinted moisturiser that comes in five different shades, plus it has a SPF of 15 for day long sun protection.

Many teenagers will experience the odd pimple and the best way to hide the dreaded zit is with a touch of concealer. Simply dab it directly onto the irritated area and gently blend out the edges with your fingertips. Always choose a colour that blends perfectly into your skin, or you will end up with a patchy finish. L'Oreal's True Match concealer comes in light, medium and dark shades, so it's easy to choose the right tone.

Mascara is a must have beauty product for any age, as it instantly opens up your eyes. When applying your mascara, take care to layer it while it is still wet, as if you let it dry between coats it will look thick and gluggy. Black is the best colour to lengthen and thicken lashes, but navy blue is also a fun shade to use. My favorite mascara is L'Oreal's Telescopic Clean Definition, as it separates your lashes while making them look extra long.

To keep your eye makeup simple, why not try a coloured eye pencil. It's easier and quicker to apply than powder eyeshadow and you don't have to worry about brushes and blending. MAC have the best and brightest eye pencils available and blue eyes look great with a sweep of green or purple pencil drawn along the lash line and flicked out towards the edge of the eye. For night time, a touch of shimmery cream eye shadow creates a glam look. Maybelline 'Dream Mousse' shadows come in loads of funky colours and you can apply them in minutes with your finger tip or a cotton bud.

There is no need to bother with lipsticks and pencils when all you need is a slick of lip gloss. L'Oreal's Glam Shine glosses are small enough to fit in your purse and come in a huge range of cool colours. I love 'Sheer Glitter Glow' – a clear gloss with shimmery glitter in it to make your lips sparkle and shine!

Good luck Abby and enjoy experimenting with your new makeup!

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FashioNZ pro make up artist - beauty advice - teenage makeup

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