Taylor Boutique Announces New Footwear Labels


NUNC by Dominika Nowark
Polish designer Dominika Nowark’s label NUNC is a shoe concept that doesn’t follow trends. Using materials like raw leather, these shoes are designed by Dominika in Paris and created in Poland by specialist shoe makers. NUNC features high-heeled sandals and boots in a characteristic subdued colour palette.
Priced from $595 and available from August at taylor Boutiques.


Vic/Matie is a fabulous Italian footwear label, ‘proudly devoted to the great know-how of Made in Italy’. The label produces fashion-forward styles in line with current trends, but also stays true to their own vision of what fashion is. Vic/Matie aims to be fashionable but also fun and unique, keeping in line with the company’s own philosophy and values.
Priced between $420-$495 and available from August at taylor Boutiques.

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