Taupo Dominates the Online Fashion World


We were treated to an exquisite half an hour runway show with models show casing a mix of the new and old ranges that feature both in the Hi Fashion Boutique and now also online at hifashion.co.nz


In a nut shell, the look of the evening on the runway was feminine party gal meets punk rocker grunge.


This was evidenced by the blend of summer party frocks mixed with hard black ankle boots, wedges and leather accessories, such as the totally cool Saben handbags and the infamous Kathryn Wilson Footwear, also seen on the lady of the hour, Ms Sera Hathaway herself. 


We saw a range of labels, including Karen Walker, Augustine International, Deborah Sweeney, Kowtow and many more. 


Sera – owner of Hi Fashion and the creative driving force behind the evening; was also re-launching her self- titled label, Sera Hathaway. 



(Left to Right – Sera Hathaway, Michelle Yvette, Casey Mendiola, Dan Molloy) 


The label is known as casual chic and is especially designed for the busy but stylish woman.


To sum up the range I would say that it is where comfort meets fashion, with knit fabric being the major focus of the line. 


(Left to Right – Natalie Haines, Vanessa Freeman, Lisa Sandilands)


With the innovative introduction to Taupos new Energy Centre the launch of Hifashion.co.nz showed flare and creativity through the merging of fine food, upbeat music, lighting and art to showcase the ever stylish range of clothing available at Hi Fashion Boutique and now online at hifashion.co.nz


For my next social event I will be sure to visit the new, totally cool online boutique to get that mix of colour, with a touch of hard black and the slightest suggestion of sheer.


– Amy Jo Tennent www.miloandmitzy.blogspot.com




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