Taking care of your summer wax

Taking Care of your Summer Wax

Getting a bikini wax or going bare 'down there' is an increasingly popular option for women (and men!) these days, but things can get seriously ugly if you don't take care of your sensitive nether regions in the weeks post-wax…

Pre waxing prep:

* Be sure your appointment is at least a couple days before or after your period – waxing hurts a lot more during that time

* Before your appointment use a warm face cloth to exfoliate your entire bikini area and, this probably goes without saying, but make sure you're extra clean

* Make sure you don't use any lotions or moisturisers on your bikini area before your appointment

* You need to have enough growth for the wax to hold on to but not so much that it makes waxing more painful. It's a good idea to let your technician trim hair down to just the right length

* If you're worried about the pain, you can take some pain relief 30- 45 minutes before your appointment.

Post waxing care:

* Avoid wearing tight underwear for two to three days post wax. Your baggy, old, cotton 'washing day' knickers will be ideal!

* Friction on the skin can cause it to become inflamed, so in the nicest possible way, try to keep your pants on for at least the first 24 hours – after that you can go for it!

* Don't use sunbeds or saunas for two days post wax

* After two full days you can start to use a mild exfoliator on the area to help combat ingrown hairs – you need to be doing this everyday to avoid nasty ingrown hair problems

* There are plenty of lotions available for the prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs and they are well worth investing in as a little goes a long way and they will make the weeks after your wax far more pleasant

* Tea tree oil or creams are a great, cheaper option for taking care of post wax skin, and preventing and treating ingrowns

* Resist the temptation to pick at ingrown hairs yourself – and if they are not remedied with the use of regular exfoliation and the correct products, then it is a good idea to go back to see your waxing specialist who will have been trained to extract stubborn hairs.

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