Sustainable knitwear for chilly days

If you’ve been following our series on sustainable fashion with sustainability expert Vanessa Thompson you’ll know that everyone has their own definition of what sustainable fashion means. What we looked at for this edit of sustainable knitwear was brands who are on the sustainability journey and either produce their knitwear locally and ethically or produce their knitwear overseas and every aspect is carefully thought out to be sustainable like Kowtow, who are one of the brands leading the way in this space.

Among the knitwear is a great array of cardigans and jumpers that are consciously created from natural fibres like wool which is biodegradable and won’t release harmful microplastics into the environment. Others use recycled fibres that are already on their next life and can be recycled again. When buying knitwear it’s good to make your purchase truly sustainable by looking after it well, repairing any holes and keeping it in good condition for the long term whether you choose to keep it or pass it on to someone else.

Wool is naturally odour resistant and doesn’t require as much washing as some other fabrics, when you do wash it use a gentle detergent, ideally one that is designed for wool care like Ecostore’s Eucalyptus Wool & Delicates wash which is available at most supermarkets. If they’re well looked after sustainable knits should last a lifetime.

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