Surviving Fashion Week: The Essentials









Grayson Coutts-Makeup Artist


When you’re dealing with getting so many people ready, it can all get a bit overwhelming.


There’s no better pick-me-up than an ice cold can of Redbull and a quick touch up with my ghds and Kevin Murphy Powder Puff.


I always keep MAC face wipes on me to remove all traces of makeup and Smashbox Lip Scrub to exfoliate and moisturize dry flaky lips. 


I keep St Tropez Bronzer in my backstage kit to tone up legs and arms before the models walk and then most importantly, Dettol hand sanitizer is essential for staying hygienic and cold and flu free!















 Nidhi Malhotra – Model

As a model I need to feel confident so I always carry a great pair of heels on me.
While I’m getting my makeup and hair done I like to relax to my music and check my email so I’m never without my ipod, a good book and my Blackberry Torch.
A good model should always carry black and skin toned undergarments and to stay hydrated I drink lots of water.
Lastly, because I have sensitive skin I carry my own face wipes and moisturizer so I’m always clean and fresh at a moment’s notice.
Christina Roys – Fashion Blogger

My job involves a lot of socializing and trend watching.
It’s usually long hours and numerous locations so I need to be prepared.
My day is planned to the minute so I can’t be without my phone.
I love beautiful stationery so to take notes I carry a Kikki K notepad and my Ted Baker pen.
Sunnies are a must as often you’re waiting around outside.
To freshen up I have my mini Rexona Deodorant and Coco Mademoiselle parfum. 
I like to keep my makeup fresh and simple so I only carry Smashbox Under Eye Brightener and Clarins Lip Perfector to touch up throughout the day.


























– Grayson Coutts

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