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Heart Party

Live performance artists Moe Laga and Grace Iwashita Taylor wear the MY WORLD tee. Image by Ralph Brown.

Fashion with a conscience has never been more in style and Heart Party is an equity-minded, community-focused clothing and accessories store that was recently founded by Zoë Nicholson and Cat Ruka. Heart Party was created to support artists working in live performance in Aotearoa that have had their work disrupted by Covid-19 with 50% of the profit from every purchase going directly to a live performance maker towards the development or presentation of their work. You can find out more about Heart Party’s donation criteria on their website.

Heart Party collaborates with some of our nation’s freshest designers to create meaningful products that enhance pride and belonging within Aotearoa’s arts communities. Their first product is the MY WORLD longsleeve tee which is designed by the talented digital illustrator MsMeemo (Kai Tahu, Kahungunu, Tuhoe, Waikato-Tainui). It features a detailed violet design on a salmon hued tee and is available in two different fits.

“The MY WORLD tee was inspired by the idea that we are each creators of our own world,” says – MsMeemo. “Each person has something only they can do, only they can create, and when given the opportunity can birth something entirely new into the universe. I really wanted to remind artists that they are truly valuable and that they have the power to create galaxies.”

The tees are available to buy on Heart Party’s website and each purchase means you’re directly supporting a local artist and getting a unique piece that was locally created too.

Heart Party

Heart Party

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